Bringing style and elegance to bunion footwear


Do you suffer from bunions and struggle finding stylish shoes which comfortably fit your feet?

Then Calla is the brand for you.  

We know your bunions can make the search for pretty shoes to wear a nightmare, especially for special occasions such as parties, weddings and christenings.

Calla makes it easy to find that special pair of shoes. We have created an exclusive range of heeled and flat shoes that are designed with 'Calla comfort' to fit your bunion, and that uniquely, will also be on trend and stylish.

The carefully chosen designs disguise and conceal bunions as well as keep them comfortably safe in the shoe allowing you to wear elegant and fashionable shoes for all those special occasions in life.

Calla was founded by Jennifer Bailey, long term bunion sufferer herself - read the story behind Calla here >>>



Our shoes have been developed in conjunction with a team of experienced shoe designers, podiatrists and shoe fitters to come up with a range of beautiful shoes that fit.


In our bunion friendly heels you'll find:

  • Additional width and volume where you need it most across your bunions

  • Super soft and stretchy luxury materials to accomodate your bunions

  • Carefully crafted to hide and disguise your bunions

  • Cushioned memory foam insole with arch support to support and comfort the foot

  • Elegant, beautiful and on-trend designs


Why our shoes are special?



Don't just take our word for it


Fans of Calla


Celebrities, fashion bloggers, ex top models and ballet dancers have chosen Calla for themselves - here's how they styled our shoes.

shoes for bunions worn by celebrities tamzin outhwaite sally morgan
LEFT: Celebrity psychic Sally Morgan loves our SS18 SOPHIA high heels
RIGHT: EastEnders' Tamzin Outhwaite in our classic black CHARLOTTE flats 

stylish shoes for bunions
LEFT: Journalist, Instagram it-girl and colour icon, Rachel Toal in our orange SS18 CHARLOTTE flats
RIGHT: Georgia Reed, aka Ballerina Baddass, the fabulous ballet dancer, wears heels from the first Calla collection

shoes for bunions
LEFT: Fashion blogger Emma from the Style Splash looking fabulous in our AW 17/18 EMMA block heels
RIGHT: The gorgeous Kellyann of This Blonde's Shopping Bag looking super stylish in our classic SOPHIA high heels

stylish shoes for bunions
LEFT: Dawn Gallahger, model and professional beauty and wellness expert, wears our CHARLOTTE ballet flats
RIGHT: Book author and style blogger Suzy Turner in the classic CHARLOTTE pumps

beautiful shoes for wide feet and bunions
LEFT: Annette, German/International fashion blogger, from the blog Lady of Style wears our SS18 ESME block heel
RIGHT: Annette, German/International fashion blogger, from the blog Lady of Style wears our classic SOPHIA court shoe

shoes for bunions
LEFT: Fashion blogger Samantha from Fake Fabulous looks super stylish in our suede block heels, AW 17/18 EMMA
RIGHT: Jacqui Berry, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, in our pink nude SS18 SOPHIA high heels

stylish shoes for bunions
LEFT: Fashion blogger and stylist Kathrine Eldridge in our SS18 LAURA sandals
RIGHT: Emma Peach of Style Splash again, this time in SS18 FLORENCE kitten heel sandals

stylish shoes for bunions
LEFT: Scottish Ballerina in our pink 'CHARLOTTE' flats
RIGHT: Pointe Shoe World in our black suede 'CHARLOTTE' flats

stylish comfortable shoes for bunions
LEFT: Fashion blogger Samantha from Fake Fabulous looks super stylish in our SS18 AMELIA sandals
RIGHT: Our very own Jennifer, Calla's founder, in her SS18 ANNA sandals

stylish shoes for bunions doctor approved
Doctor Bradley Schaeffer recommends Calla shoes for his bunion-suffering patients.

stylish occasion shoes for bunions
LEFT: Fashion blogger Cheryl in our SS18 ROSA wedges
RIGHT: Blogger Mariana in our SS18 CARRIE flats




Calla shoes factory in Portugal

Our exclusive Calla shoe designs are brought to life by an established family business of expert shoe makers in Portugal, who care as much about our shoes and your feet as we do.

Portugal has a significant footwear industry and excellent knowledge and experience in designing and making high heeled fashion shoes for many high street and designer brands.  In fact, at Kate and William's Royal wedding, the Princess's sister and mother both chose to wear shoes for that special day specially comissioned and expertly made by a Portuguese footwear company.  Lady Gaga is also known to use Portugal as the place to have her own bespoke shoes made.

Quality craftsmanship, superior materials and our unique design make Calla shoes a high end product which you will love and want to wear again and again.



The Calla shoe collection includes heels that have been designed to meet a specific need - which is when you absolutely need to wear a fabulous pair of shoes, such as to a Christmas party, wedding or another special occasion but your bunions are stopping you finding a perfect pair which fit your feet.

It is not advised to wear our heels for everyday wear as you will only be making your existing problem worse. For every day you should ideally wear flat(ish) comfortable shoes with enough room in the shoe so your toes and bunions won't be crushed, our ballet style flats may just be ideal for you.

Unfortunately Calla shoes will not make your bunions go away, but we can help you look and feel fabulous in your heels.

Calla shoes may not be suitable for people who suffer from severe bunions or suffer from bunions in combination with other foot conditions. What we suggest is to try a pair yourself and see.



A bunion is a bony deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe. The medical name for them is hallux valgus.

Click here to read our definitive guide to everything bunion.