About Calla, stylish and comfortable shoes & heels for bunions

About Calla shoes for bunions

Calla shoes is the brainchild of owner Jennifer Bailey, a bunion sufferer of the last 20 years and serial hunter of stylish and chic high heel shoes to wear for special occasions.

Featured in a number of press and online publications, loved by comfort-craving stylish celebs and bloggers, Calla is a brand of shoes that are suitable for bunions and wide feet, but also for anyone looking for ultra-comfortable, high quality, stylish shoes. 

If you believe that your website or blog would compliment our brand, we would love to have you apply to join the Calla affiliate programme, start inviting your audience to discover our world of comfort, and earn great comissions.

You can discover lots more about Jennifer and the story behind the business by visiting our blog.