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Calla shoes is the brainchild of owner Jennifer Bailey, a bunion sufferer of the last 20 years and serial hunter of stylish and chic high heel shoes to wear for special occasions.

The gap in the market was clear to Jennifer. Many shoes look beautiful on the shelves but are either too narrow around the toe area to fit the bunions in comfortably, or designed so that the bunions are exposed, causing embarrassment, frustration and putting elegance out of reach.

She often thought that with clever adjustments and careful material choice, it would be possible to make high-end fashionable shoes that would also be comfortable for her feet.

And so, in 2015 this thought became a reality and Calla was born.  A specialist shoe brand named after the Calla lily, a stunning and elegant flower which symbolises beauty, purity and youth. 

Jennifer made it her mission to design a range of shoes which not only comfortably supported the bunion but also looked like they were straight out of the most fashionable high street footwear stores.

Extensive research and many meetings with shoe designers, a professional fitter, last makers, shoe making factories and podiatry experts resulted in the creation of a range of beautiful shoes.

Heeled footwear comfortable enough for women with bunions to wear to their special occasion, ensuring they look elegant and feel amazing throughout the occasion, whatever the occasion.

Jennifer Bailey CEO Calla shoes for bunions


Exclusive ladies heels for bunions


Calla is an exclusive online only store, with a small range of classic, but stylish shoes for women who suffer from bunions. Heel heights vary, from high heel (but not too high) to mid heel and kitten heel.

Colours have purposely been kept neutral for the first season, with nude shoes and black shoes featuring highly. This is to gather feedback on popular designs and also to give you the chance to wear the shoes with a large number of outfits. More colours and patterns will follow!

As the business grows, so will the range of shoes and we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions of where you would like us to take the business next.

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