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Calla shoes for bunions reviews

September 2018
Review of bunion shoes



Watch the lovely Georgia Reed (aka Ballerina Badass) 'unboxing' a pair of our shoes.



Watch this Review from Editor of online magazine Heathista of our Charlotte balllet flats



Lucy review of shoes for bunions

Lucy (29) loved our Grace sandals and sent us this review:

After suffering with an unsightly bunion for as long as I could remember and always dreading any kind of event that would require me to wear heels, I was beyond happy to discover Calla. 
The fit is perfect and cushions my feet better than any shoes i’ve ever tried previously, even wide fitting ones.
My confidence has increased and I feel happy knowing that I can still wear heels and not worry about being in pain or taking my shoes off half way through the night. 

The style has been a great addition to my summer outfits and has enabled me to feel stylish and comfortable all at once!

Review of ladies shoes for bunions


Jen and her mum Susan both bought a pair of Charlotte ballet flats:

I LOVE my new Calla shoes. I have only recently developed a bunion and have been at a loss about what shoes I can now wear, especially when it comes to heels. I bought the Charlotte ballet flats and the Emily heels and they are both amazing and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Both pairs of shoes are made from soft fabric that doesn't rub my bunion and the cushioned sole is very comfortable.
I wore the heels on a night out and my feet were pain-free all evening, even after walking nearly a mile!!!
Thank you Calla!

Review of ladies bunion shoes


Liz fell in love with our 'Emily' high heeled sandal!

I suffer from quite large bunions and after many years of wearing wide, flat shoes I was very excited to try Calla shoes. Not only were they trendy and very fashionable but extremely comfortable.
They also disguised the fact that I had bunions!
I am looking forward to a family wedding soon were my shoes will not dictate the outfit that I choose.

Podiatrist review of calla ballet flats for bunions


This is Gilly, a podiatrist at a local university reviewing our ballet style flats 'Charlotte'.

When my ex-work colleague, Jenni Bailey, first emailed me about her shoe business I was surprised but very interested – I was the Podiatrist with the expertise, I could definitely help her especially because I suffer with enlarged joints too. What I didn’t bargain for was her experience with her own painful feet, leading to her considerable practical research into materials, pattern cutting, shape, comfort; she had already done all the hard work.
Bunions (Hallux Valgus) cause not only pain and deformity, they make shoe buying a complete nightmare especially for ladies who want something for a special occasion other than a standard wide, flat shoe.
Jenni has changed this concept, her shoes have not only extra width and extra depth but there are soft areas over the bony prominence of the big toe joint – which rubs in normal shoes. I tried her flat ballet pumps, because they are padded on the ball of the foot they give the second metatarsal phalangeal joint some extra cushioning, the leather over the enlarged 1st joint area is softened by perforations, the upper is extended to cover the joint so it limits any rubbing. The sides of the shoe and the heel counter are stiffened and supportive.
This is a shoe you could wear all day, the style is very well thought through, I would say, it’s a shoe which not only accommodates bunions but looks great, feels good and fits well.

Well done, Calla is definitely worth recommending.

Review of ladies bunion shoes  

This is the lovely Dee - and this is what she had to say about Calla shoes.

I have worn heels all my life and I'm not about to stop wearing them now.  
I always wear some kind of heel, even if it's a wedge or a low one but I prefer the high ones!

I am always on the hunt for a pretty pair of heels that can hide and fit my bunions but finding them is getting more and more difficult because of the size of my bunions.
I tried on the low heel sandals and the high heel shoes (which were my personal favourite) and they both fit beautifully.  
They look elegant and stylish and will be perfect for my cruise around the Med next year!

Sophia shoes for bunions

The founder of Calla shoes, Jennifer, is a bunion sufferer herself. 

I've been a long time sufferer of bunions and all I have ever wanted is a pair of stylish shoes I can wear on a night out with my husband or my friends. But as my bunions have been getting bigger and bigger, I now literally have only one pair of shoes that I can wear for a special occasion.
So I decided a couple of years ago to make my own beautiful shoes that would be suitable for bunions and after some research found that there were a lot of women out there in the same situation as me.
You can see from these photos I'm wearing a pair of the Sophia court/dress shoes.  The leather used in these shoes is so soft and flexible that it can stretch to bunions even as large as mine.  
Although heels this high are never going to be something that I can wear regularly, otherwise my bunions might get worse, I felt just amazing and elegant in them when I've worn them out.  I can't actually remember the last time I wore a pair of closed toe shoes, as they have always either cut in to my bunions or been too narrow.

heels for bunions shoes customer review

Carol loves our shoes and is a regular customer of Calla!

This is my latest pair. The fit is a bit larger than the others but I would not have been able to go down a whole size.
My size is 4 and thats what I have bought in all Calla shoes.
I have narrow heels but need the width across the bunion area.
I have previously brought size 4 or 4and a half in wide fit shoes, but not usually with much sucess. I generally by size 5 in boots.
I have really struggled to find shoes to fit. So many cut straight across the bunion which is hopeless. Others appear to be made of soft leather but after a couple of hours they seem to prrss on the bunion and send a pain right down the toe.
I could have done with these a couple of years ago for my son's wedding!
More pictures to follow.
Carol Duncan

bunions feet wide heels shoes

Alicia is a fan of our classic heels! 

Here are some photos of my feet in the Sophia nude heel. My shoe size is US 9, the width of my feet is 241mm (E). I don’t have any other issues with my feet.
My bunions are small but they do increase the width of my feet, so it’s impossible for me to find high heels that are wide enough/have enough space for my toes without cutting across my bunions.
I love this Sophia heel because the toe box is the perfect width to fit my toes comfortably without them being cramped.
The shoe cuts at a perfect spot to not hurt my bunions, and they are truly the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever worn!
The leather is also really soft. Based on my experience with these shoes I think someone with even wider feet could fit in them comfortably; I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a classic heel. 

heels for bunions wide feet shoes

Christine says we got it right! 

I have very tricky bunioned feet that for years no shoemaker was ever able to pacify with the fit of their shoes. Overall, my feet are quite narrow with the exception of the toe and bunion area. As you can see, I have very large bunions, but simply buying a traditional wide fit shoe never worked for me because they would always gape at the sides.
Somehow, Calla got it right.
The shoes fit comfortably and securely on the sides with sufficient extra room in the toe/bunion area, so I can walk with confidence (and comfort!) knowing my beautiful heels will stay right where they belong. (Size 5 US, EE width) 

bunions heels shoes dress up feet

Cynthia simply loves Calla shoes.

Love your shoes!!! Size 81/2 A
Thank You! 

bunions heels shoes elegant calla

Hayley is a fan of both the Charlotte flats and the Sophia heels, which had allowed her to wear heels again!

I have the Charlotte pumps which I wore all summer so a little scuffed now, so thought best not to photograph those!! But I have attached photos of my black Sophia's.
I have not worn heels for such a long time due to the throbbing pain but I've worn these 3 times now and adore them. Thank you. 

shoes for bunions ballet pumps flats

Jan loves our Charlotte flat ballet pumps so much that she's got them in both pastel pink suede and black leather.

I have had difficulty with shoes since I was a teenager and as a result my joints became worse as they were jammed into too tight shoes over the years.
I have also wanted to be able to wear ballet pumps but as a size 41E any that I managed to get my feet into made them look huge - until I found the Calla ones.
I bought the pink suede ones first and couldn't believe how narrow and small they made my feet look - and how comfortable they are. Soon after I bought the black leather ones - hence me modelling one of each !
I look forward to wearing many more pairs of comfortable and neat looking Calla shoes! 

heels shoes for bunions wide feet

Jean found comfort again with Calla shoes!

Please find below a couple of photographs of my horrible feet.
My feet are size 4, 41/2, 5, 51/2 depending on shoes and width is EEE.
I can never find comfortable fashion shoes for going out.
It was so nice to go out in a pair of your shoes and to feel comfort all night long. I bought size 4. 

bunion shoes bunions feet ballet flats

Agnes says wearing our shoes is so comfortable that it feels like wearing trainers!

My feet are generally wide anyway and bunions are making things even worse. My feet are size 6 and E width. 
The shoes I bought from you are great. After struggling with a number of different shoes, I finally found a pair that wasn’t rubbing and my feet felt like I was wearing trainers all day even after a whole day of walking around in them at work. 
I will definitely look to buy them again, I’m contemplating a pair with a small heel as well. 

high heels shoes for bunions sufferers

Nicole has danced all night in our Sophia heels! 

I first heard of Calla shoes when a friend, who had come across the company, and I were discussing the problems of finding suitable nice looking shoes which would not press on feet with bunions. Following this conversation I searched for Calla online and, as soon as I had found the company web site, browsed through the range of shoes on offer. I was immediately taken by the high heels as I felt that buying these shoes made for feet with bunions would be the only way to ever possess a pair of such shoes as shoes made for normal feet tended to be too tight for my bunions and hence would be pressing on them, which would immediately be painful on the foot. With excitement I ordered a pair and could not wait for them to arrive.
They came in a beautiful box nicely wrapped in white silk paper even including a small chocolate treat. I tried the shoes immediately and was extremely happy with them.
Since purchasing them I have worn them for every special occasion and will continue to do so.
I am actually choosing my outfits to go with the shoes and not the shoes to go with the outfit such that I can put them on over and over again! They have not hurt my bunion once even dancing all night.
Since obtaining this pair I have been following closely how the range of shoes has grown and certain I will be purchasing further pairs in the future.  

high heels shoes for bunions stylish wide feet

Sara looks amazing in our Grace sandals!

I had bunions all my life, lately getting worse. Nowadays it's hard for me to get shoes that don't cause me pain and almost impossible to find some I can bear that look elegant. I looked for something like Calla online for years and I finally discovered exactly what I needed! After some trouble with the delivery that Calla managed very well, always responsive (she really cares about her costumers). I finally got my shoes (I got Jasmin cream). They looked beautiful in my feet, I felt sexy and confident and no pain!! I usually keep my heels about an hour at weddings, after little time already with a lot of pain and walking like a weirdo. This time I managed to keep my shoes on for 17h!! Dancing, walking, jumping, everything you can imagine. I highly highly recommend it! I'll be ordering another pair soon! Thank you!!


shoes high heels for bunions

Dominika (and Cricket!) are delighted with the Sophia heels.

I can't begin to sing the praises of my new Calla shoes. 
It's been a foot nightmare trying to find beautiful shoes that don't kill my bunions. The hunt is over!
First, they fit! I can't overstate how important this is. I have purchased shoes that were a size bigger in hopes of accommodating my bunions. All this resulted in was me killing my heels as the shoes flung off the back and hurt my feet as foot slipped inside of them. 
Second, they didn't break me as i broke them in. Attached is a pic of Cricket, who was happy to go for a walk around the block to help me wear them in slowly.
Thank you for making shoes that look great and fit!

flats ballet pumps shoes for bunions

Susan's feet loved Calla shoes!

These shoes are made for walking! 
I wore them when I was meeting up with friends at the Trafford Centre, you need comfortable shoes while doing a bit of retail therapy.
My husband who was picking me up, phoned me to say he wasn't able to get to the Trafford Centre as the traffic was at a standstill. So I decided to start walking the route he would be driving. When I eventually got to our car I had walked 2 miles (tracked it on my fitbit) my bunions survived not a blister in sight. 
Thank you Calla shoes I will be investing in a  pair of kitten heels next.

flat shoes ballet flats for bunions

Kasia is happy about how well our Charlotte ballet flats conceal her bunions.

I can't believe that there's finally a shoe that literally makes my bunions seem non-existent. Oh, and it is so comfortable. I've been waiting for this for so long! THANK YOU Calla shoes!

shoes for bunions heels sandals summer dress shoes

Kaye is impressed with our bunion-comforting shoe design!

Ugly toes made prettier and I never thought I’d be able to wear sandals with heels again. Love how they cuddle the bunion gently and securely and how there’s not too much toe showing. Brilliant design.

shoes high heels for bunions dress court shoes

This is the lovely Sally, who is wearing Sophia in red suede. 

flats pumps for bunions

Suzy Turner has reviewed our shoes on her blog and she is in love with Calla!

The moment I slipped on this pair of ballerina shoes, my feet sighed in relief! They were, by far, the most comfortable pair of shoes ever. (...) I’m incredibly impressed with the fit, the feel, the quality and the look of these leather shoes. I wore them out to dinner a few nights ago, when I knew we would be walking a little distance from the car to the restaurant. And they were just marvellous.

flats shoes for bunions

Monica doesn't have bunions, but has struggled with wide feet and calluses.

I don't have bunions, but I do have wide feet that are callus-prone (as you can unfortunately see). There aren't many good quality, wide-fit shoes out there, so I was very hopeful when I found Calla. I was not disappointed - wearing these shoes is like walking on clouds! I actually wore them for the first time the day after walking 15km in London (so you can imagine how bad my feet were), and I was in heaven. 

dress shoes for bunions

Gez's bunions are small but painful. Here she is wearing the red Esme block heels.

beautiful flats pumps for wide feet and bunions

The pink Charlotte flats are one of our favourite styles - they look fabulous with jeans. Here's Colley modelling them! 

stylish court shoes dress shoes occasion shoes for feet with bunions bunion sufferers shoes

Colette is 'very pleased with her lovely shoes' and we are very pleased that she's finally found comfort for her bunions!

I received the shoes which were beautifully packed and arrived with a smart dustbag. The leather is beautiful quality. The shoes are so lovely. First the shoes have a lovely pointed toe so are very chic and a double strap which keeps them secure . I wore them all day last Saturday the day after they arrived I can walk comfortably in the shoes. They are beautifully padded and soft inside. They do not rub or catch in anyway. It’s like walking on air. 

I delayed purchasing the shoes expecting the usual experience of pinching or tightness. The opposite is true. The shoes are comfortable and soft inside. The leather is exceptional quality. Rare to see such quality these days. I highly recommend Calla Shoes and will be buying more. I have a bunion on my right foot the shoes do not rub or press but they do not slip either. 

stylish shoes for bunions

Bonnie has four pairs of Calla shoes.

I have four pairs of Calla shoes:

  • Sophia in nude
  • Sophia in red suede
  • Charlotte in yellow leather
  • Charlotte in orange

I have a sizeable bunion on my right foot; the left foot is not so bad.  I also have quite flat, wide feet (although not entirely sure of the width) and I am generally a size 38 - 38.5.  I'm really pleased that Calla make shoes in half sizes.  I am a HUGE fan of Calla shoes, and will definitely purchase more of these in the future.  The Sophia style is the only pair of high heels that I can wear for any length of time, and I would happily purchase a pair in each colour!  I get SO many comments from envious women each time I wear the orange Carrie shoes, and I have pretty much worn out the yellow pair.

I have nothing but really positive words to say about Calla shoes - they are fabulous, stylish, comfortable, and beautifully made.  

stylish shoes for bunion sufferers

Cheryl is wearing the Jasmin kitten heels in black and says:

I love my Calla shoes because they make my feet look normal and I can dance all night without pain. 

My feet are 23mm wide around the largest part of my bunion. 

shoes for bunions

The fabulous Jo is rocking the Charlotte flats in black leather.

I have inherited bunions on both feet, my feet are really wide and I find it difficult to buy comfortable shoes . My feet are 23.5 cms on widest part across my bunions.

I bought a pair of Charlotte flats last year...they are so comfortable thanks to extra space in the toe box...but unlike other wide shoes they are useful when dressing up, can wear them all day.

Thank you Calla

stylish shoes for bunions

shoes for bunion sufferers

shoes for bunions

Marlene has sent us some amazing photos of her in Calla shoes!

I am a size 38 and very wide feet. These Calla shoes are so comfortable that I can walk around the whole evening with them, at a reception for example, without even thinking to sit down to rest my sore feet. This is such a great feeling! They are very feminine too and a gentleman stopped me on the street recently to ask where my shoes would be from!

shoes for women with bunions

Nicola wears the Emily heels from our first collection.

This is a big deal for me, normally no one gets to see my naked feet! But here goes... I’m size 7. These are the first pair of comfortable heels I’ve ever owned. 

fabulous shoes for bunions

Caroline has been a Calla customer from the start!

Another pair of beautifully made, soft shoes that look smart. Even though I’ve had surgery now, my feet are still wide and I want to treat them to well made, supportive shoes that are also pretty! These fit the bill!

flat pumps for bunions

Anamaria has ditched AGL in favour of Calla and isn't looking back.

LOVE the flats. I took them out of the box and walked around the house, just to try, and I forgot I had them on. I then took my daughter shopping for jeans in new shoes. I don't even do that with new sneakers! And how much better they look on than my beautiful AGL flats. In 40 years I have never owned a comfortable flat. Now I'm going to order the one in pink and I'll have 2!

shoes for women with bunions

Anne is a fan of the Charlotte flats.

I bought these shoes at the end of last year and I was very skeptical even when I took them out of the box.  I have not been able to wears flats for I don't know how long - I just wear boots in Winter and then straight into sandals in the Summer.

So I was very shocked and pleasantly surprised when I put these shoes on and then even after wearing them for a day - no sore bunions!!  What a pleasure plus they even disguise the bunions.

Thank you for creating lovely looking shoes for people like us.

flat shoes for bunion sufferers

Claudia has found comfort with Calla shoes.

I have been in so much pain for years until I met Calla Shoes. I never thought shoes could be comfortable and beautiful! I wear a US 11 and have medium width. NEVER have I felt so great walking and looking! Thank you! 

stylish shoes for bunions

Emily loves the Charlottes too!

I love Calla shoes! The Charlotte flats are the only flats I’ve ever been able to wear. 
I had my first bunionectomy when I was 13 years old, and a second surgery when I was 21. You will see I have a lovely long scar, but these shoes glide over the scar.

Also, in my pictures you’ll see my other foot is currently injured, I have a contusion on my left foot as well. The Charlotte flats are the only shoes I can where right now, because the injury is on the top of my foot so it needs to be open there.

pumps for bunions

Vivienne appreciates the soft suede of her flats.

My shoes are a size 40, one foot measures 23 cm the other 24 cm. I love these shoes, they are so comfortable. It is great to find shoes that do not cut into my bunions! The shoes are beautifully soft and light. 

I am hoping that this particular shoe will be available in navy for Autumn /Winter. In the meantime I am considering a pair of  Esme  in black. They look like they would be the ideal 'go with anything shoe' .

wedding shoes for women with bunions

Jane has sent us this photo of her looking gorgeous!

I love my shoes. I wore them for my daughter's wedding in Chile and they are so comfortable! I am size 37.

stylish sandals for bunions and problem feet

Iza loves the concealing effect of our sandals.

stylish shoes for bunions

Sarah has treated her feet to two pairs of Calla shoes!

As this is the first time I've tried Calla shoes I wanted to let you all know how pleased I am and thank you again for getting them out to me so quickly. I have the Selena in black suede and Charlotte in dark grey. They are so comfortable and look fabulous.
I've actually had bunions due to my big toes leaning inwards since I was born (mum dealt constantly with children's shoe fitters telling her she'd damaged my feet by wearing tight shoes!) And now I'm in my 40's my bunions are getting bigger and finding comfortable shoes very difficult. Even shoes that were OK aren't now. 
Also, thanks for going up to size 42, many shops are now only going up to size 41. 

stylish sandals shoes for bunions

Carol is a fan of Calla, having previously been featured on this page in her black Sophia heels.

Very comfortable and they go with most things. Highly recommend Calla Shoes.
Thank you Calla!

customer review of stylish fashionable sandals shoes for bunions

Emma loves our flat sandals, and has since also purchased a pair of the black suede Charlotte flats. 

fashionable shoes for bunions review

Lynda is wearing our black suede Charlotte flats.

 I absolutely love my new black suade size 5 pumps. So many unwearable shoes in my wardrobe due to a bunion and a refuse to keep in adding to them I was starting to feel abit down. It was so hard to find a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes until I fell upon Calla! 
Straight away my new pumps fitted perfectly. No rubbing, blisters or soreness. 
I shall not ever need to shop anywhere else for new shoes.