Measure my feet

If you’ve had bunions for a long time you may have been wearing the wrong sized shoes in order to get them to fit.

Many women go a half, one or sometimes even two sizes bigger in order to get the correct width in their shoes.

With Calla shoes for bunions you should not have to do this as they have extra volume in the toe area than a regular fitting shoe.

We recommend measuring your feet to know your true size using our fitting guide below. 

To use our fitting guide you will need:

  • A printer
  • A pen
  • A friend who can help
  • A flat, hard surface to stand on

If you’re measuring your feet for a pair of heels you should either be bare foot or in tights.

To measure your feet correctly it’s best if you’re stood up – so see if someone can help you

Click the link below to get your printable fitting guide.

NOTE: You will need to make sure your printer settings are to print at 100% scale otherwise the guide will measure your feet incorrectly. 

Foot measurement guide

Shoe size measurement for bunions

(Our guide uses UK sizes.  See the conversion table below for US and EU sizes.)


How to measure your shoe size

  • Once you've printed the guide, fold along the dotted line
  • Place the fold against a straight surface such as a skirting board, this will allow you to position your foot more accurately on the fitting guide.
  • Place the heel of your foot against the folded edge and check to see where your longest toe reaches, making a note of the nearest size (You may want to ask a friend to help you).
  • Repeat this process for your other foot.

Ladies shoe conversion chart

Calla shoes foot measurement chart

Measure the width of your feet

To measure the width of your feet:

  1. Use a soft tape measure, place your foot on the floor, and measure around the widest part of your foot including around your bunions.  
  2. Take the measurement in millimetres.
  3. Then find your shoe size in the table below and follow the numbers in the table to the right of your shoe size to match it to the closest measurement of the width of your feet.

Most of our shoes can accommodate up to an EEE fitting across the widest part of the foot (please see the notes below on bunion severity and the suitability of our shoes).

Please email [email protected] if you are unsure about our sizing.

Width of foot measurements for bunions


Bunion severity

Calla shoes are suitable for various sized bunions but be aware that our shoes are a STANDARD fit everywhere with additional width and volume across the part of the foot where the bunion sits. 

The Esme block heel court shoe is designed for a wider foot.

Our shoes are suitable for:

  • Mild and moderate bunions on wide feet
  • Large bunions on narrow and standard feet.
  • The Esme is suitable for wide feet with bunions or just wide feet!

They are not suitable for:

  • Severe bunions
  • Large bunions on very wide feet

Please contact us if you need further information.

Bunion severity scale
Bunion severity scale